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The Project's Story


This is the story of two Masters students studying Digital Marketing & Data Science at emlyon Business School. 


 "After our first group projects ended, we did not have the opportunity to work on a common project and we could not find anything that would both motivate us outside of the program, but would be related to the underlying topics we study and discuss on a daily basis.


Creating a podcast would enable us to engage not only in terms of intellectual curiosity, but also record in-depth conversations with industry experts. The chosen medium – a podcast – will not be limited to the academic community, but also invite other listeners to explore the tangible value Artificial Intelligence brings to business and society as a whole. Therefore the added value of this project is multifold: knowledge is not merely collected, but facilitated and disseminated.


Each podcast interview will explore how AI creates value within a specific industry, or what possible outcomes can be created while leveraging this technology. We plan to host each episode remotely with a guest from academia, business or even public sphere – as all these three domains intersect while creating value, in the broadest terms."

Jonas Jokubauskas & Adrien Coucaud


As Master's students & research fellows of the

AIM Research Center on Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation at emlyon Business School, we participate in the activities of the research center by uncovering in our podcast series the different ways Artificial Intelligence is creating value for businesses and society. 

You can find the other research projects developed within the AIM institute as well as the various conferences and workshops they regularly organize on their website.

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